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Why Effervescent?

Rapidly Absorbed

One of the great benefits of taking effervescent supplements is that the actives get to where they are needed, fast! This process is called absorption. Absorption can be defined as the transfer of a therapeutic active or drug from the point of entry (in this case, oral) until it is delivered into the bloodstream.   

In the case of an oral dosage form, the process involves a number of steps:

1. Disintegration of the dosage form (With QR effervescent, this happens in the glass – easy!!)
2. Passing through the stomach
3. Transfer of medicine into the small intestine
4. Surface absorption at the cell layer in the small intestine (sometimes called “permeation”)

For a wide range of medicines, both minerals and organics; water and fat-soluble, effervescent solutions have been shown to promote rapid absorption in a variety of studies1,2.  Several factors account for this, including the dispersed or soluble nature of the medicine 3 and the relatively fast emptying time of the stomach 4.
While not specifically tested for each product, QR Health actives fall within the range of chemical characteristics where it’s reasonable to expect rapid absorption.


Easy to Take

Some people find it difficult to swallow whole pills and capsules. A QR effervescent tablet offers a simple alternative. In addition, effervescent tablets produce a sparkling, pleasant-tasting solution.


Delivers large doses of active ingredients

Effervescent tablets, due to their size, are able to hold large quantities of active ingredients.  For certain formulas, one effervescent tablet may contain as much active medicine as two or three hard tablets.  


Helps meet your daily water needs

The need for adequate hydration is well known. The recommended fluid intake for adults 5 is up to 2 litres per day (8 standard glasses). Taking QR Health can help meet that need, and provide a refreshing, mid-afternoon alternative to caffeinated beverages.     



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