QR Health

Q.R Health™ is available from your pharmacy.  If you are unable to find it, ask your local pharmacist or contact us for store details.

Effervescent solutions have been shown to promote rapid absorption of a wide range of therapeutic substances, as the active ingredients are delivered as a solution or very fine suspension in water.

Each Q.R Health™ tablet forms an easy to swallow, pleasant tasting drink, which is an enjoyable alternative to swallowing large pills or capsules.

Several of the QR products are suitable to take in the afternoon. This offers busy men and women an energizing alternative to caffeinated beverages!

This is caused by one of the B vitamins, riboflavin, being excreted from the body. It’s your body’s way of balancing what it does and doesn’t require on that day to support your general health and wellbeing.

B & C Vitamins are water soluble and your body doesn’t store them, so taking a daily multivitamin such as Q.R HIM or Q.R HER is a great way to supplement your diet.

You may find a small amount of residue on your glass [cup] after dissolving some of the products in the Q.R Health™ range. This is normal, and is a reflection of the high quality active ingredients contained in Q.R Health™ products.


The pure Co-Enzyme Q10 contained in Q.R ENERGY naturally has low water solubility, so it is normal for you to see a fine suspension around the sides of your glass. We recommend giving the glass a swirl before you take your last sip.


This is caused by the citrus bioflavonoids contained in Q.R DEFENCE, which are present to aid the absorption of Vitamin C. Just as you see cloud in freshly squeezed lemon juice, so you can see the natural citrus bioflavonoids in Q.R DEFENCE.


Vitamin D naturally has low solubility in water, so what you can see is a small percentage of the Vitamin D contained in Q.R STRENGTH.




Q.R STRENGTH, Q.R HIM and Q.R HER contain Vitamin D3, which is derived from wool lanolin. Q.R DEFENCE, Q.R IMMUNITY and Q.R ENERGY do not contain animal derived products. 


Each Q.R Health™ tablet, on average contains 8 calories, equivalent to about one stalk of celery. 

Q.R Health™ is indicated for children 12 years and up.

Q.R health is very low in sugar with most of the calories derived from the non-sugar ingredients - citrate and maltodextrin.

Yes, however we suggest intake is limited to 3 QR products per day to avoid the unlikely occurrence of minor interactions, and dosages are separated by a minimum of 2hrs (*We do not recommend children under the age of 14 take both QR Defence and QR Him/Her together on a daily basis)

The QR range has been formulated to contain high potency dosages of premium quality ingredients, in effervescent form to promote rapid absorption. Much care has been taken to source ingredients from leading global suppliers. QR Health is manufactured at a world-class effervescent manufacturing facility in Switzerland.

Q.R DEFENCE, STRENGTH and HER may be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q.R IMMUNITY and Q.R ENERGY: Consult your doctor before taking these medicines. Refer to individual packs for details.

Q.R Health™ products do not contain any added fructose. However the natural flavours in QR Health™ may contain minute quantities of fructose. If you suffer dietary fructose intolerance (malabsorption) Q.R Health™ will generally be well-tolerated. Should any unpleasant symptoms arise, cease taking the product.  If you suffer hereditary fructose intolerance, consult your healthcare professional.

Can QR Health be used by consumers watching their sodium intake?

This depends on the level of sodium restriction advised by their healthcare professional, and the type of QR product of interest to the consumer.

For customers on a normal diet, the sodium limit is 2300 mg/day.
The amount of sodium in QR Him, QR Her and QR Strength is about 10% or less that the daily intake. This would be considered low.

For customers on a typical low sodium diet [e.g. recommendation for patients with hypertension by Heart Foundation May 2007] QR Him, QR Her and QR Strength contain only 15% or less of the daily sodium value. Customers need to make their own decision according to their doctor’s advice, but to provide guidance, “15% does not appear to be a level of concern”  

Normal Limit – 2300 mg/day – QR Defence, Immunity and Energy 16-18% of daily level
Salt Restricted Diet – 1600 mg/day – QR Defence, Immunity and Energy 23-26% of daily level  

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