QR Health

Quality at Q.R Health

Science and research

Q.R Health™ has a dedicated team of scientific and regulatory professionals who regularly review scientific literature to ensure each product in the Q.R Health™ range provides doses that are safe and effective.
High quality ingredients  
At Q.R Health™ our products are manufactured using ingredients of the highest quality, sourced primarily from European, American and Japanese suppliers, who are well-respected in the pharmaceutical industry.  
Quality assurance  
All products are manufactured in factories that are licensed and compliant to Australian or European codes of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Product innovation and development

At Q.R Health™ we have a team of industry experts who are dedicated to developing safe and effective products.  This team is passionate about educating consumers on the benefits of an effervescent delivery format.  The Q.R Health™ range of effervescent vitamins and supplements are formulated for rapid absorption and also provide a pleasant tasting drink – an enjoyable alternative to swallowing large pills (see ‘Why Effervescent’  for more info).

Support and Education

All pharmacies distributing the Q.R Health™ range are offered in-store training and educational programs to help ensure customers are given accurate and up-to-date advice.

Q.R Health™ products include innovative QR Codes on pack that lead to the website pages explaining the individual product and its benefits, so even if there is not a professional available in the pharmacy you can find out the details you need.

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